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Archive 08/2014 | First Choice Fireplaces Blog

Guide to Stove Accessories
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Guide to Stove Accessories

Posted on Wednesday 20th of August 2014

There's nothing quite like a stove.  One of our most popular product ranges, the stove not only produces heat, but offers a glow and country-style décor that cannot be matched.  Not only for burning wood these days, anyone can have a beautiful stove, as it is now possible to have them work with multi-fuel or even gas. Indeed, a lot of work has gone into making stoves as user-friendly as possible, but the operation and maintenance of a stove requires a little more than an electric or...Read More

Guide to Our Gel Fires
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Guide to Our Gel Fires

Posted on Monday 11th of August 2014

With eco-friendly, green concerns coming to the forefront of almost everyone’s consciousness, the manufacturers of heating solutions are back to the drawing board, redesigning our heating systems from the ground up in an effort to help conserve our natural resources.  At the moment, the environmentally-friendly options that are most available are bio-ethanol fires and gel fires.  We have already looked at bio-ethanol fires in one of our previous posts – see our bio ethanol fire blog post...Read More


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