What Can You Do With a Fireplace During the Summer?

As gratifying as they can be in the cold winter months, many people are put off from installing a fireplace for fear that it will do nothing but collect dust when the weather turns warmer. It's true that an unattended fireplace can become a bother when it's time to light up again, but there's also a lot that can be done with that little box of space when it's too hot to enjoy its primary purpose. In this entry of the First Choice Fireplaces blog, we're going to explore some of the things you can do with a fireplace during the summer, both for the furnace itself and for the room around it.

Fireplaces are the heart of the home, providing warmth and comfort during the winter months. But when the summer arrives and temperatures rise, it’s all too easy for our fireplaces to become neglected. As it occupies such a focal point in our homes, make the most of your fireplace and turn it into a feature you can enjoy throughout the year.

With the warm weather and sunshine, consider decorating your fireplaces with flowers and plants, filling the hearth with greenery and wild flowers. You could place trailing plants on the mantel piece, allowing them to drape down elegantly over the fireplace. As well as helping to purify the air, plenty of green plants will also brighten up the otherwise empty space and make your room feel fresh and more alive.

If you just want to hide the logs and coals in the hearth, look at purchasing a screen or divider that fits in your fireplace. This allows you to use your mantel piece as you normally would, but closes off the dark and empty hearth during the summer months. You can find beautiful hand painted screens that can turn your fireplace into a feature of the room, or simple, plain screens that match your decor.


If you struggle to find a screen that suits your home, look at purchasing a mirror to cover up the empty hearth. This adds instant light and space, making a statement feature out of your fireplace. When the winter arrives, you can re-use the mirror somewhere else in the home, making them a more versatile option than decorative screens.

If you miss the soft, flickering glow of a fireplace during the evening, but don’t want the heat of the flames, look at making your fireplace magical with LED fairy lights inside the hearth. You can bunch them up into a ball or place them inside a hurricane lamp for an enchanting feature that will transform your room in the evening. Choosing battery operated lights also means you won’t need to worry about trailing wires. Alternatively, fill your hearth with pillar candles and tea lights to create a romantic, ambient atmosphere.

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