Gazco originally started out as Stovax in 1981 just a single company that designed, manufactured and distributed wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, along with brilliant fireside accessories. By 1981 the owners of Stovax knew they needed to appeal to the masses in order to grow their business. They decided to expand their range and delve into gas-fired versions of the stoves made by their Stovax company.

In doing so they decided to create a new company for their range of gas-fired stoves naming it Gazco. Providing beautiful and reliable multi-fuel and gas-fired stoves, they began to make a great name for themselves. Not only getting a good reputation for their products, but also for their excellent customer service. The sister companies work very closely together to ensure that each one provides products of the best design and qualities.

By introducing Gazco they became extremely established. Both companies are now known as the leading manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces and fires in Europe. Enabling the company to buy Yeoman in 2006 which they then used to sell yet another fantastic range of gas, electric and fuel powered stoves.

Our Range of Gazco Fireplaces

At Gazco we have a great range of reliable gas-powered stoves. Providing a vast supply of fireplaces to keep your house comfy and warm throughout the winter months. From the rustic, traditional styles to the more sleek and modern styles. There’s a great selection where you will be sure to find a perfect fit for your home.

Gazco Riva2 530 Designio2 Glass Gas Fire

This sleek black trim design oozes sophistication and style. Gazco Designio2 has the option to choose from four different lining selections, making it perfectly suited to your taste. The simple yet classy design will be sure to give your living room that finishing touch.

Gazco Riva2 530 Ellingham Gas Fire

This Gazco gas fire is modelled on the more traditional fireplace. Made from cast iron and featuring wide rectangular trims. This fireplace would be brilliant if you want a timeless look in your living room. It is sure to not look dated whilst veering away from the overly modern style. So it will easily suit a wide variety of different theme living rooms.

Gazco Futura Gas Fire

This gas fireplace is sure to make a statement in your living room. Its tall slim profile makes it stand out as a main feature in your room, and will be sure to catch the eye of your guests. Its reflective glass gives it that modern touch that will bring class to any size room.

At Gazco they work closely with their sister company, in order to constantly be on the ball with new and unique designs. Offering high quality products and top customer service, you will be sure to find a fireplace that suits your needs. If you would like more information or advice keep an eye out for First Choice Fireplaces Facebook page, Twitter and Google+ pages for updates.