Everyone dreams of having a large, lavish and rip roaring fireplace in their home. Sometimes though, you have to make do.

If you want to invite the delightful warmth of a gas/wood burning stove into your home, but have limited space, then have a read of these tips for finding the right fireplace for a small space.

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

If you’re stretched for space, a wall mounted electric fireplace lets you retain every inch of the room. As implied by the name, they can be installed directly into the wall, while complementing the decor just as any framed painting or wall-hung ornament would.

Because they are designed with a thin profile and don’t require venting, these fireplaces are ideal for recessed applications. As they can be installed directly, you can have it setup just about anywhere you like regardless of room size or space.

Usually finished in glass, metal or stone, a wall mounted fireplace is a particularly good choice if you’re considering an electric fire. They can be installed in almost any home, and since they can generate the flames without any heat, they also can be used as a visual focal point even during summer.

Small Stove Fireplaces

These are great in cases where space is limited, but not non-existent. Stoves can compiment the traditional look in a period or classic home, all while delivering heat in an efficient manner. The range of stoves at First Choice Fireplace includes multi-fuel, woodburning, gas and electric versions, meaning you can heat your home with a real fire, or one that just mimics its ambience.

Since they are highly compact, the freestanding design of most stove fireplaces allows you to move them about freely. This means if you want to redecorate or renovate, you can reposition your “fireplace” and ensure you still receive heat where you need it.

Outset Gas Fires

In many ways, these represent the last tier between a spaceless wall fireplace or stove, and a full on marble installation. Outset gas fires have been popular for decades, and still create a traditionally bold look in any home. They can be installed with or without a hearth, and can be bought in a range of finished and flue types.

The powerful heat output of these fires makes them ideal for larger rooms without an alternative heat source, and the majority of them are also incredibly efficient and highly economical to run.

Many of the outset gas fires from First Choice feature ‘RW’ Safeguards that ensure safety, and come with a control system that lets you choose between 4 heat positions.

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