There are many household fireplace brand names, but none quite as innovative as DRU Fires. This Dutch market leader is a profoundly modern company with a long history of reinvention within the industry - over 260 years in fact! In this brand spotlight from First Choice Fireplaces, we’ll delve into the origins of DRU fires, and shine the light on some of their most popular fireplaces.

Fanning the Early Flames

DRU fires has been a success since 1754. This year marked the building of a new blast furnace; a deal struck between Johan Baptist van den Bergh and a group of local Ulft entrepreneurs. The partnership flourished into a company known as De Koninklijke Diepenbrock en Reigers of Ulft (a.k.a DRU Fires).

Originally in the business of manufacturing pans and other household goods from iron, DRU made their first gas-fired stove in 159. This came about when natural gas was discovered in the Netherlands, and heralded a new type of closed combustion system that removed the need for a chimney. It’s now a standard installation for gas appliances around the world.

Although they remain one of the oldest industrial companies in The Netherlands, DRU continue to innovate the fireplace in profound new ways. This includes the exclusive PowerVent® motorised flue extension system, Eco Wave modulating system and designer DRU Easy release door system.

Highlights of the DRU Fires range

DRU were pioneers of the modern gas fire, and it’s only appropriate that we showcase some of their most advanced and lifelike fireplaces.

DRU Global 55XT CF Gas Fire

The key to a good gas fire is authenticity. Everything from the log display to the heat itself must stay true to the original wood counterpart. This modern gas fire from DRU has a sizable width of 55cm, and requires only a narrow depth for installation into a class 1 UK chimney. Idela for transforming a worn-out interior, it features an extra high glass front for perfect combination with the classic “Jessica fire surround.

DRU Global 60XT BF Gas Fire

An ideal choice for any homeowner vying for a luxury gas fire, but wanting to spend a reasonable amount of cash. This mid-sized, square format gas fire once again features the realistic looking logs, as well as a choice of smooth black or Ceraglass interiors. Most impressively, it is 84% energy efficient, and suitable for installation in homes that both have or lack a chimney.

DRU Global 40 CF Gas Fire

This is the smallest fireplace from DRU’s Global range, but don’t let that hold you back. It’s perfectly designed for a sleek, simple installation with any Class 1 chimney - no additional building work required. A small powerhouse, the 40 CF uses a Vario Burner, and comes with RCE GF remote control system.

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