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Chimneys And Flues | First Choice Fireplaces Blog

Guide to Energy Efficient Fires
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Guide to Energy Efficient Fires

Posted on Tuesday 18th of November 2014

With winter well and truly on the way now, our thoughts have turned to heating and creating a pleasant atmosphere within our homes.  However, the cost of energy continues to rise, and with concerns about the longevity of our supply of fossil fuels, energy efficiency is on everyone’s mind. Thankfully in recent years there have been great advances in this area, making heating your home less painful for your wallet.  

How to Read Efficiency...Read More

Accessorise Your Fireplace
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Accessorise Your Fireplace

Posted on Tuesday 23rd of September 2014

Autumn has delayed putting in an appearance in Britain this year.  With weathermen and women proclaiming an ‘Indian summer’, the UK has been lucky enough to see the driest September since the 1960s.  However, as September draws to a close, we can’t ignore the signs around us for much longer; the odd crispy leaf flutters to the ground, the last few mornings have necessitated a jacket, and arachnophobes beware as much has been made in the news of spiders coming indoors seeking shelter...Read More

Types of Flue - Definitions
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Types of Flue - Definitions

Posted on Tuesday 14th of January 2014

Gas fires are gaining hugely in popularity.  Despite high gas prices being hyped by the media, gas fires are up to 70% cheaper to run than electric or wood burning equivalents, especially with new high efficiency gas fires on the market designed to keep running costs low. Gas is not a simple business, however.  You will need professionals to install your gas fire, as installation is a little more tricky than simply plugging it in!  One of the most confusing areas for...Read More


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