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Accessorise Your Fireplace
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Accessorise Your Fireplace

Posted on Tuesday 23rd of September 2014

Autumn has delayed putting in an appearance in Britain this year.  With weathermen and women proclaiming an ‘Indian summer’, the UK has been lucky enough to see the driest September since the 1960s.  However, as September draws to a close, we can’t ignore the signs around us for much longer; the odd crispy leaf flutters to the ground, the last few mornings have necessitated a jacket, and arachnophobes beware as much has been made in the news of spiders coming indoors seeking shelter...Read More

Guide to Our Fireplaces This Winter
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Guide to Our Fireplaces This Winter

Posted on Thursday 4th of September 2014

  September is here.  Universally feared as the gateway to another winter, now is the time to get busy sorting the house out ready for the long cold season, before the rain sets in. But it’s not all bad, winter heralds a return to cosy evenings spent as a family, unwinding on the sofa with a cup of tea next to the fire; one of the biggest advantages of the colder weather.  There is something so relaxing about the glow of the fire, the atmosphere it creates and the soothing...Read More

Guide to Stove Accessories
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Guide to Stove Accessories

Posted on Wednesday 20th of August 2014

There's nothing quite like a stove.  One of our most popular product ranges, the stove not only produces heat, but offers a glow and country-style décor that cannot be matched.  Not only for burning wood these days, anyone can have a beautiful stove, as it is now possible to have them work with multi-fuel or even gas. Indeed, a lot of work has gone into making stoves as user-friendly as possible, but the operation and maintenance of a stove requires a little more than an electric or...Read More

Guide to Our Gel Fires
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Guide to Our Gel Fires

Posted on Monday 11th of August 2014

With eco-friendly, green concerns coming to the forefront of almost everyone’s consciousness, the manufacturers of heating solutions are back to the drawing board, redesigning our heating systems from the ground up in an effort to help conserve our natural resources.  At the moment, the environmentally-friendly options that are most available are bio-ethanol fires and gel fires.  We have already looked at bio-ethanol fires in one of our previous posts – see our bio ethanol fire blog post...Read More

Outdoor Living at First Choice Fireplaces
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Outdoor Living at First Choice Fireplaces

Posted on Tuesday 1st of July 2014

With summer now upon us, all of our thoughts turn to getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather when it allows.  The English climate is such a fickle mistress, that it becomes an all-out race for us to get everything ready to savour it as soon as we see the chance of sun!  Supermarkets run out of barbecue food within an hour and garages bring briquettes and firewood out from the stockroom, while we frantically ensure that our outside space is hospitable and welcoming for our family...Read More

How to light your Villager Multi Fuel Stove
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How to light your Villager Multi Fuel Stove

Posted on Tuesday 18th of December 2012

We've added some shiny new Villager wood burning and multi fuel stoves to the First Choice Fireplaces online store, such as the classic Chelsea Solo and Chelsea Duo multi fuel stoves, and the impressive 14KW A Flat wood burning stove.  We thought we would accompany our new products with some helpful instruction to help you light your wood burning or multi fuel stove.

If you’re lighting your fire for the first time, the paint will...Read More


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